Michelle's footboy rushes to Her feet
Featuring: Michelle
Threatening to never show her feet to her foot slave ever again unless he gets there in thirty minutes, Michelle waits in some sexy fetish lingerie. Wearing a pair of platform heels, she commands her foto boy to take them off and massage her feet. He spends time massaging and kissing as ordered while she verbally abuses him.
Peeping Professor
Featuring: Mischa Romo
Mischa catches her professor spying on her, looking at her shoes, he confesses he was wondering what her feet looked like. She lets the professor lick the arches of her feet and kiss her toes. Mischa stands up on the professor's chest, crushing him undeeath her bare feet. Micha's had enough of the professor's perversions and dismisses him until the next time she needs an A.
Moing Foot Massage
Sara Liz wakes up and calls for her foot slave to come in and give her her moing foot massage. He sucks on each toe individually, then kisses her feet...
Nothing But a Pair of Heels
Sara Liz calls out for her foot slave saying that she has a surprise for him. When he arrives, she is laying naked on her bed with nothing on but a pa...
Naked Trampling
The foot slave lies on the ground with his shirt off. A naked Sara Liz literally starts to walk all over him, trampling him and crushing his chest wit...
Sara Liz sucks Her own perfect toes!
Watch Sara Liz as she takes off her cute toe socks to expose her perfect feet. Lounging in lingerie, she tells you all about her toes and feet - she g...
Wanna-be boyfriend
Michelle gets rudely interrupted by a worthless boy trying desperately to be with her, willing to prove worthy by worshiping her feet. She humiliates ...
Michelle's footboy rushes to Her feet
Threatening to never show her feet to her foot slave ever again unless he gets there in thirty minutes, Michelle waits in some sexy fetish lingerie. W...
Salty Beach Feet
Rosy\'s feet are really smelly after being at the beach all day. Covered in salt water and sand, she has her boyfriend tued foot slave sniff them then...
Rosy Gets a Pedicure by Her boyfriend
Rosy\'s boyfriend pampers her to a foot massage and pedicure. He spends time rubbing her feet, then placing each of her toes in a pedicure toe spreade...
Pamper Rosy's Feet
Rosy just got a really bad pedicure by a worthless foot boy. She shows you how to pamper her feet the right way, showing off her perfect feet and toes...
Repaying His Debt
Nurse Jade enters the doctor\'s exam room to discuss a patient\'s outstanding debt with the doctor\'s office. Jade decides there is one way he can wor...
Ready and Wating
Jade\'s foot slave enters the room where she is reclining on a bench. She makes him massage her feet after a long day, then has the foot slave slide h...
Secret Life
Jade reveals that she is a Dominatrix by night. Dressed in a sexy sheer outfit with fishnet stockings, she puts a collar on him before he starts to ki...
Nothing on but my Stockings
Jade, sitting in a throne wearing nothing but thigh high stockings, smacks her foot slave with a riding crop. She has him suck on both of her big toes...
Jade's Smelly Feet
A cute, naked Jade sits above you while she describes to you how sweaty her feet are. She takes her stiletto off to smell her really stinky feet and l...
Blackmailed by a Brat
Jenna comes over to James\' house after a long day of shopping on Melrose and asks James to give her a foot rub. She is clearly a spoiled brat from th...

Inescapable Bondage

CBT And Ball Busting

Femdom Foot Fetish
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