Long Legs and Perfect Feet
Featuring: SaraLiz
One of Sara Liz's admirers has come by to clean her house. But she demands that instead of cleaning her house, he worship her feet, making him her foot slave. He lavishes attention on her perfectly pedicured toes and sexy high heels. He continues to rub her toes and lies down on the ground so he can get his face under her feet.
Professor with a foot fetish!
Featuring: Mischa Romo
Mischa is lounging on her bed wearing her striped legwarmers and a short skirt. She catches the professor spying on her again. She forces the professor down on his back and has him start worshipping her feet in exchange for a job recommendation. He sucks on each toe individually and then fits all of her toes into his mouth at once, stuffing his cheeks full with her toes.
Rosy's Strappy High Heels
Rosy comes home to her boyfriend and asks him if he is interested in becoming her foot slave. Without a doubt, he of course says yes, and immediately ...
The Blackmail continues
Jenna comes over to James\' loft unannounced and calls him out as a foot fetishist. She then proceeds to attempt to extort $300 from him in exchange f...
How much can a Brat take from him?
James is caught off guard when Jenna bursts through his door unannounced again. He\'s worried his girlfriend will come home and catch them. This time ...
Bratty little Jenna shows off her feet.
Jenna is disgusted by your desire to smell her feet and suck on her toes. She humiliates you as she teases you with her feet.
Hot, Young, and Blonde
Jeska can\'t make her rent this month, so she propositions her landlord for a foot session instead. He starts worshiping her feet greedily. Jeska has ...
Taken Advantage Of
The landlord is back five days later because Jeska still hasn\'t paid her rent. He comes into worship her feet some more. This time she\'s wearing sex...
A Month of Free Rent
Jeska is in leopard print lingerie stretched out on her couch. She won\'t let the landlord play with her feet unless he begs. He begs, he pleads, he o...
Trampled Landlord
Jeska sits on her couch in a red and white panty and bra set. The landlord shows up craving to kiss her feet. The landlord gets down on his hands and ...
Don't Ignore Me
Liz\'s husband comes home, sits on the couch and is about to tu on the TV. Liz, gets furious because once again, her husband has forgotten their anniv...
Liz's Tired Feet
Liz and her husband come home from a long night of dancing and partying.  Liz\'s feet or sore, tired, sweaty and stinky.  With her husband still in ...
Legs, Heels, and Feet
Liz\'s makes her husband drop to his knees and worship her high heels.  Eventually she has him take off her heels and show her bare feet the respect ...
My Feet Need Some Attention
Liz sits back on the couch and gets her husband\'s attention be rubbing her bare feet on him.  Next thing you know, he is on his knees giving her and...
Liz is wearing her old chearleader outfit for you.  She looks right at you and tells you all about her feet as she shows them off to you.
Long Legs and Perfect Feet
One of Sara Liz\'s admirers has come by to clean her house. But she demands that instead of cleaning her house, he worship her feet, making him her fo...
Sara Liz's footboy Cleans Her Dirty Shoes
Sara Liz calls for her footslave to come and clean her dirty shoes. He says they taste like dog shit, but continues to lick the soles of her shoes cle...

Inescapable Bondage

CBT And Ball Busting

Femdom Foot Fetish
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